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The HAV App is a new revolutionary way to produce credible alternative valuations and inspections.

Image The HAV App presents a modern and revolutionary way of delivering credible alternative valuations and inspections. The App is designed to provide the appraiser or lender with a homeowner assisted inspection process. Once the order is placed, we spring into action by sending a confirmation e-mail or SMS message to the homeowner, instructing them to download the App and follow the directions.

To get started, the homeowner only needs to download the HAV App, which supports cross-platforms, from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore, depending on the smartphone. The App is self-explanatory and offers a simple user interface. The homeowner will be asked some basic questions by the App about the property, after which the homeowner will proceed to take the photos of the property. The information submitted on the App is sent to the HAV secure servers for proper analysis and verification.
  • Homeowner appraisals
  • Home equity line of credits
  • Condition inspection report
  • Portfolio loans
  • Review products
  • Assisted AI AVM's

How is this verification done?

By using a best-in-class innovative technology, the HAV team determines the exact location of each photo submitted to our servers. Our convolutional neural networks which is our ever-evolving AI photo recognition platform enable us to analize massive amounts of data. The HAV App then provides a secure date-time stamp of these pictures and further referencing using the GEO location data. In the event of a successful verification, the information is then sent in a report to the proper destination.

Kindly note that the verification is to ensure the validity of the property information as submitted by the homeowner.

The HAV App is designed to supplement the review, desktop and drive-by valuation process for appraisers. The HAV App is also designed to provide the lender with a photo condition report.

Great, isn't it? Homeowners proceed to the App Store and download! (Apple Store for iOS and Google Playstore for Android) Lenders and Appraisers sign up above.